Books to Design Your Life


Two books that use design principles to build a life you would love to live.

Bill Burnett and Dave Evans introduced the Designing for Life course to Standford University in the US 15 years ago. Those that enrolled were younger students, mid-career professionals and retirees, who were all taught to “think like a designer.”

The basic idea is to encourage people to design a career and a life that is “meaningful, joyful and fulfilling” to help them reduce anxieties and reach clear goals.

The course has now been translated into The Designing your Life book. Read Review

Design Your Life by Vince Frost – the globally recognised designer and head honcho at The Frost* Collective – is no ordinary design book, with minimal pictures and maximum words, it acts more as an inspirational guide on how to apply design principals to your life, with motivational anecdotes and uplifting quotes. Read Review

Designing your Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

Design your Life by Vince Frost


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