Books to Design Your Life


Two books that use design principles to build a life you would love to live.

Bill Burnett and Dave Evans introduced the Designing for Life course to Standford University in the US 15 years ago. Those that enrolled were younger students, mid-career professionals and retirees, who were all taught to “think like a designer.”

The basic idea is to encourage people to design a career and a life that is “meaningful, joyful and fulfilling” to help them reduce anxieties and reach clear goals.

The course has now been translated into The Designing your Life book. Read Review

Design Your Life by Vince Frost – the globally recognised designer and head honcho at The Frost* Collective – is no ordinary design book, with minimal pictures and maximum words, it acts more as an inspirational guide on how to apply design principals to your life, with motivational anecdotes and uplifting quotes. Read Review

Designing your Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

Design your Life by Vince Frost


How much is your data worth to Facebook?



Researchers from the Carlos III University in Madrid, Spain, have created the FDTV. The goal of this project is to develop a tool that informs in real-time Internet end users regarding the economic value that the personal information associated to their browsing activity has generated. Due to the complexity of the problem the researchers have narrow down the scope of this tool to FB in this project, i.e., inform FB users in real time of the value that they are generating to FB.  They are expected to implement in all browsers and the rest of social media applications.


More info (Spanish) here

The pink Mexican wall in all its gorgeous perversity


Mexican firm Estudio 3.14 has visualised the “gorgeous perversity” of US president-elect Donald Trump‘s plan to build a wall along the countries’ border.

In response to the controversial proposal, a group of interns at the Guadalajara-based studio came up with a conceptual design that would celebrate Mexico’s architectural heritage.

Moreover, the wall is not only a wall,” said Estudio 3.14. “It is a prison where 11 million undocumented people will be processed, classified, indoctrinated, and/or deported.”

The team suggests that the wall could employ up to six million personnel. It could also incorporate shopping centre straddling its width, and a viewpoint from which US citizens could climb up and look down onto the other side.

Behold Donald Trump’s pink Mexican border wall, designed by Estudio 3.14

Serial Box the “HBO for books”

bb_s2_carousel_web_horz_largeJulian Yap was a lawyer for the Justice Department and an avid reader who wanted to create an “HBO for books.“ So did Molly Barton, who led digital innovation at a big publishing house. Together, they started Serial Box, which develops original fiction and delivers it one episode at a time.

Listen or read Bookburners available in Serial Box

A foreigner’s multimedia guide to Polish Culture


Multimedia guides to Polish Culture interactive platform allows users to discover contemporary Polish culture by exploring three of its most promising fields: photography, electronic music and cinema. Created by Bright Media an interactive polish agency.

Multimedia Guides to Polish Culture

We’re not anti-technology, we’re just human. The light phone.

Just the physical presence of the phone as an object on a table in sight, whether or not it rings, will change the course of our thoughts and effect a conversation we are trying to have. The solution had to involve leaving the smart phone at home, a separation from the object itself.

The Light is a slim, credit card-sized phone that works with your existing phone
The Light phone enables simple contact without unwanted rings, dings and pings.

The Light Phone

Lorem Fucking Ipsum: the sweary alternative to placeholder text


Anyone who loves both copywriting and swearing (who doesn’t?) will be relieved to hear that there’s a new tool to help with both, in the shape of Lorem fucking ipsum. The handy online tool, created by Good Fucking Design Advice, bills itself as the placeholder text for “people who have some fucking passion!” The site lets you choose either a number of paragraphs or words, and generates a barrage of very sweary text accordingly.

Lorem Fucking Ipsum.